The COVID 19 pandemic has not only been affecting most of us physically but has affected almost all of us mentally. With a lot of time in hand, this situation has become graver as we have greater time to worry. To combat this situation, we need proper and effective time management as well as a set of useful and productive activities that shall help us keep ourselves engaged and make constructive usage of our time.

To help you (and myself) out, I have made a list of ideas that can help us make use of our time and keep us engaged.

Remember, when you would wish if you could have a little extra time? A little extra time so that you could accomplish something that could be as trivial as taking out something from your cupboard or something as important to you as taking an online course that you liked?

You have that time now. I know that it’s not the best situation, but what good will worrying get you? I know that everything seems so sad, but this has happened and the best thing we can do for ourselves and the entire humanity is to stay home and maintain proper hygiene.

So well, here are a few suggestions that I had promised.

· Spend some time with your family: Go to them and talk to them. Ask them how they are. What they think about life. How their childhood was. Why they made the decisions that they made. Talk about yourself. Your dreams and aspirations. Your hopes and ideas. Do that. Try and make a bond with them. Talk to your parents, siblings, grandparents, and whatever that makes your family. You will learn a lot and will also feel connected to them. Start it slowly but surely.

· Connect with your friends: Be it your high school friends that you haven’t talked with for ages or your University friends that you keep missing but never have time for. Or they may be your work buddies that you don’t usually have time for. Call them or text them. Do it. These are trying times, we all need support and compassion. Take that and give that.

· Workout: I don’t mean the proper 4-hour gym session (You can totally do that if you can), I mean the basic and simple squats, a few stretches, a small jog, or a run on the treadmill. Anything that has to do with physical activity, do it.

· Enroll yourself in the unlimited ocean of online courses and work-from-home internships that are available. Enroll yourself in any course or skill of your choice. You have time, you might as well make something useful out of it. This can also help strengthen your CV.

· Organize: You can organize your books, clothes, trinkets, shoes, basically anything and everything. Organize and sort them. Make sure to make a pile of donations as well. There are so many people out there that may gain some help from the kinds of stuff that have been gathering dust and have/ will be of no use to you.

· Cook: Cook yourself a good, hearty, nutritious meal or simply put together your comfort food. Take the time to explore and enjoy the process of turning something raw into delicious!

· Read: Read all the books that you have bought and kept with the hopes of reading them someday. Read them now. Read. Read and Read. Reading can never be a loss for you.

· Appreciate: Appreciate the littlest of things that you have. The littlest of things that have happened. Appreciate.

· Observe: Observe the nature, the furniture of your house, the ceilings of your house, anything. Try and SEE.

· Try a project: Anything from completely upcycling your furniture, to knitting a gorgeous throw, or painting, or simply sketching. Make something out of your two hands and appreciate it.

· Take care of yourself: Maintain proper hygiene, drink lots of water, have good food, get a good night’s sleep. Do that.

· Indulge: Indulge in something relaxing. You can put on the radio and cook, light a few scented candles and read, try a few face masks, anything that relaxes you.

· Maintain a journal/ diary: Write down anything significant that happened that day. Write down a small list of things that you are grateful for.

· Pray: Pray lots. Strengthen your relationship with Him. These are difficult times, we may as well get some help from God.

Science enthusiast by choice, dreamer by passion, and curious by nature.