The new normal of obtaining 100+ followers

Sarah Arshad
2 min readDec 6, 2021

The approach being followed by newbies to get quickly into the Medium Partner Program

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The Medium Partner Program is a program that rewards writers for the content they publish and the audience that they build.

Medium has updated its eligibility criteria for becoming a part of the Medium Partner Program. The three criteria are:

  1. The writer must publish at least 1 story.
  2. The writer must publish at least once every six months.
  3. The writer must have 99+ followers.

Meeting the first two criteria is fairly easy. But, fulfilling the third is as difficult as it sounds. That is where this follow-for-follow scheme comes in.

Follow-for-follow is what has been helping new writers gain an audience and build a community faster.

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Imagine a group of people where every member has a unique clue to a scavenger hunt. These clues are vague and difficult to decipher on their own. But, when all members share their clues and work together, they all arrive at their destination, faster.

This is what the follow-for-follow method is doing for new writers on medium. Writers on their own shall find it difficult to become a part of the Partner Program. But, for following every follower that they have, they try to reach closer to their goal.

Does this approach help a writer gain 99+ followers relatively quickly? Yes, it does.

Is this an effective move to build a readership audience? I don’t know.

I won’t lie and say that this method does not seem fascinating to me. It does. Hence, I’ll try and explore that.

So, I call upon writers to follow me to get a follow back from me. Let’s see where it leads us!

P.S. You can leave a comment on this post so that all the new writers can find each other easily.

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